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Monkeyjump is a loosely linked network of people, enhancing their quality of life by sharing ideas, resources, and couch space. the “new physicists” tell us that all the world exists through connections in which billions and billions of atoms are held together by incredibly strong nuclear forces, shared electrons, and a lot of very small pieces of duct tape. by parallel reasoning, individuals are joined by bonds of friendship, shared experiences/ideas, and much larger pieces of duct tape. Nine out of ten scientists interviewed agree that monkeys prefer eating bananas and playing in the sun to any size piece of duct tape or shared electrons.

In its current incarnation, monkeyjump has three basic elements: a web-based email, a database of like-minded people; and a electronic forum for sharing ideas and works in progress.

Ditch your porno-spammed hotmail/aol account, and get your free email  We’ve got a fast server and quite frankly, a pretty sweet domain name. Soon to be recognized as the mark of the globally-minded, communally-hip elite.

To join, fill out a short survey, upload a current digital photo (preferably a head-shot), resume, and agree to, at the very minimum, offer a few nights of accomodations for the weary and advice for the curiuos. As the network evolves, there will be other opportunities to get more and give more.

The many meanings of monkeyjump.

Strength through trust: In the Hindu myth, The Ramayana, Hanuman, the great monkey hero, jumps from India to  Sri Lanka to rescue Sita, the bride of Rama. Though Hanuman had been born with great strength, he was ignorant of his powers until he had served Rama loyally. 

Long distance connection: In the game of Go, the monkey jump pattern is a distant, yet fairly secure connection between two pieces. Though spatially separated, the pieces can form the base for a powerful formation.

Cultural transformation:  The theory of the hundredth monkey holds that after a critical number of individuals learns a new way of thinking or acting that improves their life, all monkeys everwhere can understand it. While the

Despite the fact of these three extremely metaphorical sources, the real reason we chose was that it was a fairly short, had three sylabals with monkey as two of them, it is easy to remember, it was available with the .org suffix and it is fun to say. Go ahead say it. monkeyjump

“It is like Facebook meets Linkedin meets Air B&B.”

– Uncle Bobo

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