monkeyjump moves to the cloud, and you should too

Until just a few days ago, monkeyjump had been hosted on a Dreamhost virtual private server of such venerated age that it was basically a dinosaur. This is because we moved all the mailservers to gmail back when G suite was in beta. And frankly, the only thing we used was the mail server. The blog and resource link we had put together in 1999 was just a few years out of date. You can read more about the inspiration for and history of monkeyjump here. 

I’ve been working and creating a family and home, and it turns out there’s not a lot of time for futzing about on a relic of the first generation of my internet presence. However, I’ve been working in nonprofit digital transformation for the last few years and realized I should practice what I preach. So I moved monkeyjump to the cloud. If you’re ready to get with the modern world, here’s how you can get a free personal web site on AWS.

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